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Beauty Portraits
Private Boudoir Branding

Finally a completely private, all female, creative team provides you with the kind of portrait experience you deserve, right here in Plano, Texas. Whether you're interested in heirloom fine art quality portraits with your children or spouse, or you wanna release your inner baddie with a boudoir experience...we can serve it all. 

Do it for You...No reason needed


The experience


Phone Consultation

Let's talk about the experience either on Facetime or phone. I want to hear what your goals are and talk about the gorgeous things you want to wear and how we will achieve the final look you desire. I will want to see your wardrobe choices and can recommend also. Ask questions about things your nervous about, I'm here for you!


Hair\Makeup\Photo Shoot

You will need 3.5 hours for your portrait experience. We start with Hair\Makeup while you sip on your drink of choice. Then your in the studio enjoying a personal photo shoot. I will lead you through every pose and angle making you look your absolute best! You can change into different looks during your time. 


Viewing Session

Two weeks after your session you will come back to view a slideshow of your images and make your choices for your package. You can also add additional products like canvas wall art during this appointment. All selections and additional purchases are paid for at this time. 

Frequently Asked ?'s

How do i book?

Easy, just click the link below and fill out the contact form so we can get you in here girl! Make sure to book your session 4-6 weeks before you actually need the print products. If your still on the fence about booking, talk to me about whats on your mind. 


Not sure what to wear? Lets get on a video call and see what your thinking about bringing. Bring about 3-4 looks. Keep it simple, classic no patterns. I have a few items we can talk about incorporating. It's very important that I see what your wearing ahead of time. Plan outfits prior to your shoot, try them on with your accessory and make sure your happy with the results.  It's better for something to be a little loose fitting and we can pin it back, than to wear something too tight and not comfortable for you. 


Hair and Makeup are included with your session. A professional artist will work with you to complete the look your hoping for. Discuss the desired look with me during your phone consultation and if there are special products you want to use bring them. The artist uses disposable tools on your skin and sanitizes all hair items. Arrive with a clean face, hair should be washed 24-48 hours prior and dry when you arrive. Freshly washed hair doesn't fix as well as day old hair, you know that girl! Remember that we will put a little more makeup than your used to because we are working towards photography makeup, not date night makeup. 


Sessions, including consultation, hair and makeup and time with me in the studio are $350 and portrait collections are purchased separately. Collections can range from $500-$1700. Collections include things like digital images on a crystal USB or other items such as matted 5x7 folio boxes and faux alligator skin albums. The more images you select the more you get for your money. All session fees are paid for at your booking day and products and collections paid for at your viewing (2 weeks after your shoot). You can pre-pay your collection for a discount. All Clients love most of their images and it can be hard to choose, we offer a volume discount. All sales are final and we will ensure your happy with your experience. 

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